TigerandBunnyVol1Tiger & Bunny, Volume 1 by Mizuki Sakakibara

ISBN:  9781421555614
Pages:  168
Publisher:  Viz
Release Date:  April 9, 2013
Audience:  Teen and Adults

Humans have started to mutate into superhumans called “Next.”  Some of them end up fighting crime as heros in the city of Stern Bild.  These heros all need and have corporate sponsors and are on a reality TV show called Hero TV.  One of these heros, Wild Tiger, has been around for a while but his ratings are slipping.  A new hero came on to the scene and they now have to combine forces and become a team, but neither of them is ready to accept this.

Based off of the anime series of the same name, the manga follows the series pretty closely.  This is a great companion to the anime, although doesn’t really add anything more to the story.  This story was fun to read and watch and it is almost a cross between Watchmen and the X-Men.  Sakakibara did a fine job with the artwork as it feels very similar to the anime.  Some of the panels are filled with too much and it can be overwhelming when trying to read.  Perhaps in future the volumes the manga will add more to the series, but otherwise just choose the medium you prefer and stick with that.

Score:  3 out of 5


About Michelle

I'm a Midwest girl who has landed herself on the east coast. I spend my days in libraryland. My passion/specialty is graphic novels, manga, and anime. For a few weekends of the year you will find me at an anime convention somewhere on the east coast.

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