AttackonTitanMangaAttack on Titan, Volume 1 by Hajime Isayama

ISBN:  9781612620244
Pages:  208
Publisher:  Kodansha Comics
Release Date:  June 19, 2012
Audience:  Teens (16+) and Adults

In the distant future the human race has been decimated by the giant humanoids known as titans.  The surviving humans have built a community encompassed by three walls.  There have been no titans and an era of peace for 100 years.  One day that peace ends by the sudden appearance of the titans.  Eren Yeager is an eager young man who wants nothing more to be on the illustrious Survey Corps, the faction of the military that actively goes out into titan  territory to learn more about them.  The day the titans return is the day that changes Eren’s life, as his mother is taken and killed by a titan.  Eren and his adoptive sister Mikasa are sent with the other refugees behind the next remaining wall to resume their life.  After losing his mother, Eren is more determined than ever to join the military and defeat the titans at any cost.

Isayama has created an interesting and action packed world.  Not all of the rules of this world are known and it is interesting the way pieces are revealed bit by bit.  If you pay attention  you can catch some of the foreshadowed information to see where the story is heading.  There is a lot of action and gore, so if you have a weak stomach you may want to pass on this.  The art has been criticized for not being nice to look at, but I think it fits for the narrative.  I like the stark lines as it adds to what is occurring in the story.  My curiosity has been whetted and I can’t wait to continue on this wild ride and to learn more about the elusive titans as well.

Adaptation:   This spring, an anime adaptation premiered with a rather large following.  The anime brings the story to life and includes an epic soundtrack.

Score:  4 out of 5


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