Kissing Coffins (Vampire Kisses, Book 2) by Ellen Schreiber (2005)

Pages:  176

ISBN: 9780060776220

This installment of the Vampire Kisses series takes off from the end of the first book.  Raven is ecstatic – she has finally found someone like her (goth) and he likes her.  The only problem now is that Alexander has taken off for parts unknown, leaving Raven wondering what exactly is going on.  After doing some digging, Raven discovers that Alexander is in Hpsterville and incidentally she has an aunt living there.  She takes off in search of her love and finds herself in trouble and only Alexander can save her.

It is obvious that this series is four younger teens.  There is little emotional development and depth to the characters.  The exposition is limited and the characters have very shallow emotions.  Schreiber has seen fit to hit us over the head with the fact that Raven is goth and drops punk bands names like no tomorrow.  Kissing Coffins is a quick read with little depth.  However, it is something for the younger Twilight fans to read.

Score: 3 out of 5


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