That Perfect Someone by Johanna Lindsey (2010)

Pages: 384

ISBN: 9781439101070

Julia Miller and Richard Allen despise each other… and are also betrothed and have been since they were small children. In order to get out from his father’s thumb, Richard left England nine years ago and never looked back. Since no one has seen or heard from Richard Allen in over nine years, Julia decides it is time to get on with her life and have him declared dead. There is just one problem – Richard is very much alive and has returned to England to declare his love for another woman. Richard is discovered (and then beaten) by his love’s husband and consoles himself with a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, it happens to be the woman he hates most in the world. After circumstances pull the two together, will they dwell in the past or let their future begin?

In the first part of the novel, we are given the back story to why these people hate each other so. It was tedious to get through and the story, for me, didn’t really begin towards the middle. Once it did though I really started to enjoy the characters and become more interested in the outcome. Overall, this was an okay read with decent characters, but not something that you must read. If you are a fan of Lindsey or have read the other Mallory books, then this is for you.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

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