Slightly Shady by Amanda Quick (2001)

Pages: 343

ISBN: 9780553583366

Description: From the moment he burst into her antiquities shop in Rome, Lavinia Lake knew the stranger as nothing but trouble. He said he was in pursuit of a killer. He swore he was only trying to save her. Yet no mater wheat he claimed, Lavinia was convinced that Mr. Tobias March was bent instead of destroying her. And when the self-descried spy hustled her and her niece out of the shop and back to England, Lavinia could only hope that one day she would find a way to repay Mr. March in full.

But Lavinia never imagined the shocking circumstances under which they would meet again.. or that soon he would become her partner in a quest that would grow more deadly-and more compelling-with each passing day.

In the business of making private inquiries, Tobias March had been hired to track down a powerful villain who even now as intent on assuming control of a vast criminal organization. Yet in his search he had found nothing but one dead end-and one dead body-after another. And then, just as his investigation was heating up once more he found his mission and his life complicated by the most ungovernable, unpredictable, exasperating woman he had ever met.

Faced with a tangled web of deceit and danger, Tobias had no choice but to form a partnership with Lavinia, a lady whose past could only be described as slightly shady. Yet when he persuaded her to become his associate, neither Tobias nor Lavinia realized that their heated disputes would spark a sizzling desire-or that the deeper they keep digging for the truth, the deeper they were digging their own graves…

Review: Lavinia Lake’s business is being destroy by Tobias March. He claims she is in danger, but she thinks he is up to something. After much urging (breaking all of her merchandise) she agrees to pack a bag and leave town. Once back in England, Lavinia needs to think of a new career to support her and her niece. Her new career, a private inquiry agent, forces her to renew her acquaintance with Tobias March. They are both on the trail of a murderer which leads them into danger and more.

A fun read right from the start. I really enjoyed reading all of the banter between Lavinia and Tobias. The characters were written well and had spirit. This was a great introduction to the two characters who are part of a trilogy (so far). I look forward to reading the continuing tales of Lake & March.

Score: 4 out of 5


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