Ragnarok by Myung Jin Lee (2002-2004)

Description: The winds of change are blowing in Midgard. After a 1000-year slumber the Wolf Goddess, Fenris, has been reincarnated in the body of a beautiful warlock. As she searches the land for the reincarnation of the god Balder, she is hunted by the arrogant young Valkyrie, Sara Irine. Her quest will take her to the far corners of Midgard where she will meet and be joined the magical princess Iris, the air headed thief Lidia, and Chaos, a powerful warrior with no memory of his past.

Review: A somewhat interesting view of the Norse myths used in this series. We join the main characters of this series as they are all in the midst of a great battle. The story was somewhat difficult to follow as the majority of the scenes were battle scenes. It didn’t seem like enough story was being told and I was left craving more story. It wasn’t until the last few volumes that we started to get some back story which starting to make it interesting. Unfortunately, the series was never finished, so we were all left hanging as to what happens in the land of Midgard.

Score: 2.5 out of 5

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