Scandal by Amanda Quick (1991)

Pages: 329

ISBN: 9780553289329

Description: It was a major scandal when young Emily Faringdon ran away with a handsome renegade and her father brought her home. Now, the flame-haired, petite Emily is resigned to a life of spinsterhood-until she begins corresponding with a mysterious poet, a man who she eels is her soul mate, her fantasy come true. but the sensual writer is not at all what he seems. In reality, his is Simon Augustus Traherne, the Earl of Blade, a strong-willed man with a personal vendetta against Emily’s family.

Many years before, Simon’s father gambled away his entire estate to the Faringdon. Now, Simon plans to marry Emily-and reclaim his rightful inheritance.

By the time Emily discovers Simon’s real motive for marrying her, it is too late. for, unable to resist his seductive charms, she has already surrendered her heart. But, will she be able to make the cold-hearted Simon return her love.

Review: Emily finally gets to meet the man of her dreams who she just happened to be corresponding with. Naturally, he is handsome and well-mannered. Not long after he comes into her life, Emily discovers Simon’s real intention. He has come for vengeance on her family and to reclaim his family home, which was won by Emily’s father in a card game 20 years ago. His plan is to seduce her and force her father to give him his home back. Although hurt, Emily decides to make a deal with Simon… a deal that will change their lives forever.

From the start I absolutely disliked Simon. Not only is he cold, but he treats Emily horridly. Emily was just as annoying with her talk of a metaphysical relationship and her lack of intelligence. I kept reading hoping there would be a change for the better, but it never did. The characters were unbelievable and not well written. This is one of Quick’s works that you could pass over.

Score: 2.5 out of 5


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