One Knight Only by Julia Latham (2007)

Description: Daring and adventurous, Anne Kendall would give anything to join the secret band of warrior knights known as the League of the Blade, and she eagerly agrees to a perilous masquerade. But the Sir Philip Clifford, a reckless, brutally handsome knight, joins their party, bringing back memories of stolen kisses, passionate longings, and one night when she would have done anything to be his.

Anne would prefer to concentrate on the dangerous mission at hand… but the glorious, savage passion that begins to develop between her and this unruly warrior may prove him to be the knight of her dreams… and her fantasies.

Review: I can sum this book up in one word… steamy. Whew. Whenever Anne and Philip are in a room together, the sparks fly. Its obvious to everyone around them that they have something together. They just have to get over their own misgivings and misconceptions. Latham did a good job with the historical aspects of the novel. My only real problem was some of the verbiage used. It seemed out of place. Other than that, it was a fun novel and a great read.

Score: 3.5 out of 5

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I'm a Midwest girl who has landed herself on the east coast. I spend my days in libraryland. My passion/specialty is graphic novels, manga, and anime. For a few weekends of the year you will find me at an anime convention somewhere on the east coast.

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