Persuasion by Jane Austen (1818)

Description: (From VA Beach Public Library)  Published one year after its author’s death in 1818, Persuasion is Jane Austen’s last completed novel. On its most basic level, it is a love story about two people separated by convention and then given a second chance. On another level, it is a characteristically deft exploration of human foibles and social flux.

Review: After watching Mansfield Park on DVD last night, I had the whim to read this novel. I have the movie on DVD (actually two versions) but oddly enough, had yet to read the book. I thought that it was quite lovely. Its not my favorite Austen novel (Mansfield Park is my favorite), but it is close. I think the story could take place today and it would have the same meaning. That is what is great about many of Austen’s novels. They have meaning for us in our lives today.

Score: 5 out of 5

Movie Connections: I own the first two on DVD.  The one from 1971 is a close adaptation from the BBC.  The second is from 1995.  That was my first exposure to the story.  Even the “Hollywood” version was a good adaptation.  Not much was added or left out.  Actually, a large portion of the dialogue was word for word.  I highly recommend watching the 1995 version along with the book.

Persuasion (Mini) – 1971
Persuasion – 1995
Persuasion (TV) – 2007


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