Benighted by Kit Whitfield (2006)

Description: (From Booklist) The world of Benighted is familiar, but not its populace. The vast majority is lycanthropic; its members “fur up” under the full moon and become unreasoning beasts. A small minority is disdainfully called “barebacks” and despised as “cripples.” The laws are strict about luning, or roaming freely, while transformed, however, and all non-lycos are conscripted into the Department for the Ongoing Regulation of Lycanthropic Activities (DORLA), which enforces the full-moon curfew by hunting roamers and bringing them to justice. Whitfield’s well-limned protagonist is angst-ridden DORLA attorney Lola Galley. After a friend’s hand is bitten off in a lyco hunt, and he is subsequently murdered, she takes a course of action that leads to extreme danger and shocking discoveries about herself and society at large.

Review: This book was definitely worth the wait. I began to read it before I left Borders and had to wait to get it from the Library. The night I got it, I read it all to the end. I couldn’t put the book down. I found the world that Whitfield created to be interesting. As a first novel, this is indeed a good start for the former Random House editor. I did, however, find some parts to drag on. I think that some of the story could have been edited out. The ending wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. It was what I call the “anti-ending”. We are left with more questions than answers, which left me a little miffed. All in all, I think this book is definitely worth a read.

Score: 4 out of 5


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