Sex with Kings by Eleanor Herman (2005)

Description: (From the back of the book) She was the royal mistress. She was ready to converse gaily with the king when she was tired, make love until all hours when she was ill, and cater to his every whim. She was never to be exhausted, complaining, or grief-stricken. Hundreds would vie to unseat her or push her toward a tragic end. But she often had the last laugh, living well and richly of the fruits of her “sins”.

Eleanor Herman’s Sex with Kings takes us into the throne rooms and the bedrooms of Europe’s most powerful monarchs and the women who loved them-from Madame de Pompadour, the famous mistress of Lois XV, who kept her position for nineteen years despite her frigidity, to modern-day Camilla Parker=-Bowles, who usurped the beloved and glamorous Diana, Princess of Wales.

Based on impeccable research from diaries, personal letter, and diplomatic dispatches, and alive with flamboyant characters, outrageous humor, and stirring poignancy, Sex with Kings “will please readers who like their history liberally spiked with glamour and gossip” (Boston Globe).

Review: This was a fun and quick read. It can be a bit confusing as the author skips around from ruler/mistress throughout different times. Some people may find it a little easier to follow if they take notes on who is who. The information was really interesting and entertaining. The only real negative aspect of the book for me was the way it was organized. Otherwise, I found it to be quite delightful and worth buying from the store.

Score: 4 out of 5


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